Are you a prisoner to your diet and craving a more balanced approach to eating well?

Eating well doesn't have to be complicated. Eat real, wholesome foods you enjoy! Food is powerful, medicine that can nourish, comfort, and heal.



Are you protecting your most valuable assets - time & energy?

You are more powerful than you know! Noticing what impacts your energy and how you feel during life events provides tremendous wisdom.



Are you wanting more energy to help you power through your day?

It's time to play! Moving more is discovering how you love to play. Challenge yourself to play with your kids, play the sport you used to love, or play your fave song and just dance.


Welcome to the home of enjoying wholesome real food, moving (playing!) more, and all things required to enjoy a fulfilling happy life. How we eat, move, think, and feel can have a big impact on our health and wellness.

My name is Crystal, and I am a registered dietitian, personal training specialist, creative cook, energy medicine facilitator, and self-proclaimed time-saving kitchen hacker.

I love food! To me, every recipe tells a story. A love story, who made it, how they were taught or inspired to try something new, how the ingredients were grown or prepared, and the magic that happens when shared with those we love.

I love people & travel! Everyone has a story and special talents that they bring to the table. Travel, to me is a gift for which I am forever grateful for every opportunity. I love learning more about traditions, history, making memories, and sharing what I learn with others.

I love to cook! I am forever learning more and more every day, new ingredients, techniques, and how to hack time in the kitchen.

I love moving! Moving more is a powerful tool to combat stress, build resilience and feel strong. All it takes is just one step to start. Do you need help getting started?

I love learning! Thoughts become things. Are you focussing on your thoughts or how life events feel in the body?

I want to help change the world by inspiring healthy minds, nourishing bodies, and helping others take their power back. It's time to live your best life yet.

I hope you feel inspired ❤️